Travel diary - 5 days in England (pt.1)

As some of you may know, I've been away for five days in England for the holidays! We visited a new city each day : Newmarket, Cambridge, London then Bishop Stortford.

Everytime time I travel somewhere, I always keep a travel diary where I like to draw landscapes I see, the food I eat and the memories I make. However, this time, I've decided to focus more on my photography skills to improve so this is the video I made to show you my travel diary!

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Again, hope you'll enjoy the video!

Cadmium red xx

October roll

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For now, here's a video I made, collecting films in October, hope you'll like it!

Reds and blues :)

Today is the first day of November, which means that it's time for another "Snapshots of the month" post!

To me, October was a month full of homeworks and exams but mostly happiness and inspiration!

A lot happened in October, I've been so busy because of school, I've been creating a lot and I've also been interviewed by Cara on her blog (here) and I wrote a post about the fear of failure while creating for the running molasses ( here )! You should check out their blog, they're really good!

Indian summer - a poem

Indian summer
Leaves have turned red but the sun is warmer than it was meant to be

What happened to that? Rain has stopped for a while.

It’s like summer didn’t want to leave 
                                                  to play with Nature who didn’t want to sleep

Even when the cold seemed to have frozen the grass in the early morning,
Mist of a thought.

Summertime is back, the colours are even brighter.

-Cadmium red (M)-

No worries

Just some thoughts... :)
Photos by me.

Love, M xx

Weekend creations


Since school has started, this is what my days have been like ! I find it really hard to create with all the homeworks we have, all the exams, walking to the underground to get home, taking the underground, taking the the bus then driving home and blablablah...

I'm struggling to find the time to create, to experiment some new techniques, to write new posts weekly. But I feel so grateful that I'm inspired that creating has become a way for me to show that I'm thankful and that I'm taking care of myself as well. I feel so happy that I still create and the more I create, the happier I feel ! If you're in this situation, if you feel like you don't have time to do what you want to do, please find time for yourself even though it's so hard, it's so important.

So, I just wanted to share with you an overview of what I have made this weekend, some experimentations and work in progress that I've done! :)

Oh I…

Remember September

Remember September when I listen to that song, to that song that made me feel like it was raining outside...

October is here and it’s now time to share with you some snapshots I took over the month of September! First of all, I want to ask, how are you? How was your September? I would love to know! :)
To me, September has been great, here’s some of the things I’ve been up to last month...

I turned 17!
I’ve been creative at times, I drew and wrote as well ! I haven't been able to create as much as last summer because I've been really busy with school (soo busy!!) I'll probably post some drawings in another post! ;)

I’ve been running in the forest, seing nature change colour. I felt the cold wind against my face and covered my clothes with mud because of the unexpected rain! 

fruits,fruits, fruits!!

Baking American brownies and cooking Italian bruschettas... Unfortunately, we ate them so quickly that I couldn't take a picture haha! (at least they were delicious!! :D)

Taking pict…


Leaves turn deeper tones ; berry red, burnt umber, pumpkin orange then golden yellow just before they fall and get blown away slowly by the brisk wind. I admire the way they perfectly spread all over the floor for us to walk on and the sound they make when we walk on them. Autumn is for me the most elegant season of them all. I’m inspired by the crisp morning air and the unexpected weather. To me, Autumn smells like woodfires, rainy days and chill mornings. A raw, woody and fresh fragrance that lingers in your nostrils.
I’m excited for evening baths, burning marshmallows, warm drinks, pumpkins, red apples, running in the forest, autumn candles, cosy blankets, wearing scarves and boots and taking pictures.
My favorite season is officially here and I'm so happy about it! These are some of the reasons why I love it so much, what are yours?

écume sur mes souvenirs - an art series

Ecume sur mes souvenirs -french for seafoam on my memories-
These are a series of three artworks I made especially for Halcyon Girls’ second issue as Maddie kindly gave me the opportunity to be featured in it! I’ve met Maddie this summer and she's now one of my closest friend, I mentioned her on my previous post (here). Her second issue Aquamarine has just came out, you should definitely check it out (here). I feel so honoured to be featured in her issue and I can’t thank her enough for sharing my art!
Two days after she offered me to be featured in the mag, this is what I created…

INSPIRATIONI really liked the theme of this issue because it allowed me to be really creative and it’s something that I knew about because of the beautiful beaches in Wales. Whenever I go there, a feeling of awe and admiration sets within me, I feel calm and aware.
Here is an excerpt from my journal / poetry corresponding to the paintings, maybe after reading this, you’ll find something new about them.
écume …

Summer skies (+update!)

Autumn is approaching fast, the air is cooler, the sky is covered in clouds and the leaves are already starting to fall.
I’ve been capturing summer’s blue skies with my camera around my neck throughout the holidays, a collection of summer’s shades of blue, orange and purple that I really wanted to share with you!
I took those pictures throughout summer, when I felt like time was going too fast. Sometimes I think too much and taking those pictures allows me to feel better!!

Here are some of them !!

I still can't believe how fast summer has gone, I had the best holidays I've ever had. I have started school a week ago which makes me feel nervous because I barely don't have time to do what I enjoy doing, like painting or seing my friends... So I just wanted to sit down and write an update post of what happened this summer!!

The first thing that I want to mention is that I found inspiration again, after a year. I really missed it and I’m so glad I’ve found it again, I f…